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Lattice Triple Rung

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Lattice have created something rather exceptional for all you climbers who want to progress in climbing strength and fitness. The Triple Rung is the latest fingerboard from the experts in climbing training, designed both as a testing and training tool. After training thousands of climbers around the world you know this board is going to be effective, and supported by the latest evidence.

The Triple Rung has three edges. The top, largest edge is a 45mm flat hold perfect for lower grade training and super comfortable for pull-ups, warming up and scapular stability exercises. The middle edge is the most popular 10mm small training edge. And the lowest edge is the 20mm “Lattice benchmark” testing edge, used worldwide in all Lattice Assessments. This edge allows you to measure your maximum finger force and compare yourself against a large global dataset of climbers. The Lattice data let's you work out if your finger strength is “strong” or “weak” for your climbing grade (both bouldering and route climbing), so you know where to focus your training efforts. It also allows you to objectively measure how you are progressing throughout a training season and towards your climbing goals.

The board is wide, to be comfortable if you have broader shoulders or want to perform wider pull-ups and deadhangs. And because it is designed by climbers who understand what sore skin feels like, the edges are all shaped to ensure your skin remains in the best condition it can.

Included with the rung are instructions of how to perform a finger strength self-assessment and produce a mini, personally customised report, for free! There are also 3 training sessions included, to help you to train towards improving your scores!

Weight: 950g - 1200g (depending on wood density)

Boxing: 570 x 135 x 52mm
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