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EpicTV was developed in Chamonix, France, by a multinational crew of climbers, filmers and stoke mongers with a few common goals: to inspire you on your next adventure, and create the ultimate online community. In addition to our award-winning videos and our team of pro climbers representing us around the world, our killer online shop has everything you need for climbing, including the best selection of climbing shoes in cyberspace.

We’ve gone through a few reincarnations in our time; from filming wingsuits to selling skis and snowboards, it took us a while to find our niche. After a few years of trying to do everything, we thought, why not just chill out and do what we’re best at? We all love climbing at EpicTV so we thought what better way to show it than put all our combined knowledge and skillsets into rock climbing, alpinism, mountaineering and bouldering. We have small teams in Chamonix, London and Helsinki, working on bringing you the best climbing content, gear and know-how.

If it gets your climbing senses tingling we’re bringing it straight to your computer with up-to-the-minute climbing news, award-winning videos, cutting-edge product reviews, informative how-tos and inspiring articles to keep you plugged into the life you love. Epic isn't a buzzword, it's a belief that life on the sharp end is meant to be shared.


We are here to equip you with the knowledge and gear to go and have epic climbing adventures. With our massive selection of gear and on-point review videos, we’ve set out to create the ultimate online shop to meet all your climbing needs. So whether you are just starting out, or have a lifetime of climbing experience behind you, remember that with EpicTV Shop - the adventure starts here.


Being climbers, skiers and all-round outdoorsy people, we often see first-hand the effects mass production of consumer goods has on the world we love to enjoy. Ways to offset these effects include localised production, eco-friendly dyeing, recycling materials and reusing waste products, improving durability, stringent factory rules (ie. Bluesign), as well as creating a transparent supply chain and improving conditions for overseas workers.

Most of the brands we work with are doing their bit to minimise their impact on the environment, whether it’s human-rights-based, materials-based, production-based or a mixture of the three. And we are proud to work with them.


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