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Wide Boyz Crack Trainer with Soft Grip

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A new release from the renowned Wideboyz, the Crack trainer is a lightweight, simple, two-piece adjustable crack system for training areas in climbing gyms or home use. Perfect for dialing in your own technique, training specific exercises or to create a circuit around your dining room, or a nails boulder problem in your kitchen. The Crack Trainer comes in a flatpack form, which is easily assembled and installed by you. (Find a video of how to this below the pictures.)
Its production is of a high standard and the jamming area is made of plain wood that provides a slick jamming feel.
This version comes with a grippy Soft Grip that provides textured and comfortable crack feel. This is an excellent tool for training your own power endurance, and strength all in preparation for times when getting out there and putting all your hard training into practice outdoors.

**A note from The Wide Boyz:**

“We climb using both a Soft Grip and a wooden jamming surface. Having both options lets us tailor our training and climbing sessions to the intensity we want, enabling us to dial in our technique and get stronger quicker”


- Use only with rock shoes

- Practice and train with a mixture of Wide Boyz tape (or crack gloves) and bare hands.

- Always stop using before hands and feet become sore


The Crack trainer has two halves which you’re able to set at your desired width. Below are recommended Wide Boyz widths. (The dimensions below are just for guidance and you should set the Crack Trainer to coincide with the dimensions of your own hand/arm/leg/…head?)

- 1 – 1.5 inch = thin hand size

- 1.5 – 2 inch = tight hand size

- 2 – 2.5 inch = hand size

- 2.5 – 3.5 inch = baggy and cupped hand size

- 3.5 – 4 inch = fist size

- 4 – 5 inch = stacked hand size

**Level and ability:**

The Crack Trainer can be used for all abilities, from those just starting out wanting to purely practice technique, to those who’ve been jamming for years, but want to do some jam specific training exercises. Example training exercises can be found on the card provided with this product. A range of different crack climbing techniques are demonstrated on our Youtube Channel.

**This pack contains:**

- 2 x Crack Trainer halves (24 Screw cups, 48 screws, 2 Base Plates, 4 Uprights, 2 Crack Walls, 4 End Caps, 2 Gripper Bars).

- 1 x Glue

- 1 x Assembly instruction card

- 1 x Training card

- Wide Boyz stickers

**More details:**

- Dimensions – Length 800mm x height 180mm x width 115mm

- All edges and features aside from the crack are rounded for comfort and can be held, stood on and used as other options, to help diversify the climbing and make exercises harder or easier.

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