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Globe Pequot Press Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance by Eric Hörst

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Training for Climbing is the third edition of the international best selling guide to improving your climbing performance. Eric Hörst is an internationally renowned author, researcher, climbing coach, who has coached thousands of climbers from around the world, and an accomplished climber in his own right with 40 years of experience. This new edition draws on the latest climbing research to give readers a comprehensive, evidence-based program for training smarter and climbing better.
Included are chapters on energy system training to develop greater strength, power-endurance, and aerobic endurance, with truly effective training plans for forearm flexor muscles including hangboard training protocols. How to build exceptional core strength and stabilizer training to reduce risk of shoulder injury and improve power. How to schedule weekday workouts to help, not hurt, performance when you’re climbing hard on the weekends, training tapering to create a peaking effect for a project redpoint day, roadtrip, or competition. If and how cross training can benefit climbing. How to accelerate recovery on-route, between climbings, and in between training/climbing days.
Hörst goes beyond physical training with chapters on technique and mental training, performance nutrition, accelerating recovery, and injury prevention too. How to accelerate learning perfect technique. How to control your mind and emotions in stressful situations and recalibrate the brain for higher power output, increased stamina, and to push your body to performance extremes.
The training programs are writen to suit even the most advanced and elite-level climber with expert instruction that spells out what to do and how to do it. Hörst’s passion for climbing, research, training, and his exploration of the boundaries of personal performance will help you achieve your personal best!


- Publisher: Globe Pequot Press

- Published Date: September 2016

- Edition: 3rd ed: Sept 2016

- Paperback
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