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DMM Wired Torque Nut Set 1-4

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The DMM Torque Nut Set 1-4 is a set of 4 hexes that have evolved throughout the ages, becoming the lighter, slicker, and easier to use model that we have today. Due to the design, the Torque Nut can be used in multiple orientations, providing a range of placement options with every size, whilst its light-weight aluminum alloy construction still boasts a burly 12kN strength rating.
Whatever the conditions, the Wired Torque Nut seems to be the most versatile. When Icy cracks cannot be readily protected with cams, and having an extendable sling like DMM's traditional Torque nuts is too much of a risk due to your flailing ice-axe, the Wired version of DMM's Torque Nut provides security and trust on even the wildest winter climbs.
Built to last and extremely versatile, the Wired Torque Nut Set is a superb addition to your rack for the upcoming season, that will help you cover any potential climbing situation.

**Technical Specifications**

**Wired Torque Nut 1**

- Colour- Green
- Strength - 12kN
- Weight - 69g
- Dimensions - 31 / 41mm
- Certification - EN 12270:2013

**Wired Torque Nut 2**

- Colour- Red
- Strength - 12kN
- Weight - 86g
- Dimensions - 36 / 49mm
- Certification - EN 12270:2013

**Wired Torque Nut 3**

- Colour - Gold
- Strength - 12kN
- Weight - 114g
- Dimensions - 44 / 59mm
- Certification - EN 12270:2013

**Wired Torque Nut 4**

- Colour - Blue
- Strength - 12kN
- WEight - 161g
- Dimesnions - 54 / 71mm
- Certification - EN 12270:2013

**Wired Torque Nut Set 1-4**

- Collective Weight - 430g

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