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Desiderata Institute Espresso Lessons: From the Rock Warrior's Way by Arno Ilgner

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Arno Ilgner’s Espresso Lessons from the Rock Warrior’s Way explores the too often underrated, complex and nuanced side of training for climbing, mental training, and teaches us how to handle our thoughts better but in practical ways, so that we can climb better and climb harder. Our minds create fears, emotions, and doubts while rock climbing meaning we can hesitate before going for that next hold or give up altogether and come away from what could have been a glorious day of sending feeling dejected, our climbing relationships in tatters and faff mountain being the only thing we got to the top of.
Taking the material from The Rock Warrior's Way which has been a consistent top seller since 2003, Espresso Lessons is full of 'how to' application of those ideas, putting them into practical climbing situations, going deeper than learning to breathe and how to rest on the wall, it taps into the more spiritual aspects of climbing. Although, don’t be put off, it is not just for hippies and there is no chanting or incense required. Think of it like a bench press for your brain with easy-to-remember acronyms like BERP: Breathing, Eyes, Relaxing, Posture.
If the most challenging moment in making your send is when your mind doubts whether or not you can continue climbing; Espresso Lessons might have the gentle nudge you need to push through, but will also help you to weigh when the risk is too great and backing off is the better option and leave you still feeling like a hero.


- Publisher: Desiderata Institute

- Published Date: November 2009

- Paperback
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