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Tindeq Progressor 200

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The Tindeq Progressor 200 is the latest piece of training equipment that will give you the ability to track all your training metrics. This piece of gear is contained in a lightweight and sleek ABS enclosure, and is rechargable with a USB-C port. 

Tindeq provide their own free app, available on IOS and Android, that links to the Progressor and generates graphs, records your data and allows you to see all the information about your pulls. Whether you're pulling weight, or tracking your finger strength, the Tindeq gives you the ability to track every single lift. 

Tindeq also provide an open source API, allowing the tech savvy to code their own custom interfaces in Python, or your preferred coding language!

Tech Specs:

- Sampling Frequency: 80Hz
- Design Load: 2000 N (200 kg) (Full Scale)
- Safe Overload: 120% Full Scale
- Limit Overload: 150% Full Scale
- Precision: 0.25% Full Scale
- Non-linearity: 0.1% Full Scale
- Repeatability: 0.1% Full Scale
- Hysteresis: 0.1% Full Scale

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