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Rhino Skin Ultimate Skin Care Kit

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Rhino Skin Ultimate Skin Care Kit
Rhino Skin Ultimate Skin Care Kit




    Get 10% off our usual sales price of Rhino Skin Dry, Performance, Tip Juice, Spit, Split(+), and Massage when you buy this bundle!

    Made for the climbing masochists – the 'just one more go'-ers that tape flappers down and keep climbing long after the blood starts pouring – our Ultimate Skincare Bundle contains all of the essential Rhino Skin products to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, tough, and wound free.

    The products come in three types: drying, hydrating, and healing. Using a combination of all of these products will allow you to find what works best for your skin type. It's also a good way to keep your hands dry in hot weather to give you maximum friction, moist in cold weather to prevent splits and cracks, and strong and healthy year-round.



    • Performance: a light antiperspirant spray combined with a light moisturiser. Apply before climbing to reduce sweating.
    • Dry: a heavier antiperspirant spray that reduces or eliminates sweating in the area it is applied to. Apply before climbing to minimise sweating.
    • Tip Juice: still way too sweaty? Use this skin toughener once weekly (instead of Performance) to eliminate sweating.


    • Spit: a non-greasy spray to hydrate the skin and prevent splits and cracks whilst climbing. Apply before climbing.
    • Split: this cream heals splits and cracks in the skin, using a beeswax base enriched with vitamin E, honey, arnica, and tea tree oil. Apply after climbing.
    • Split+: a thicker cream that heals severely damaged, cracked, and split skin. Apply after climbing and before bed.


    • Massage: an all-natural recovery cream that gives a warming, healing massage to sore muscles and joints. Apply after climbing.
    • Repair: a soothing cream that repairs the skin and connective tissues. Apply after climbing or multiple times throughout the day.



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