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Lattice Finger Strength Lifting Bundle

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Lattice Mini Bar Portable Fingerboard   + $26.73
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Lattice Finger Strength Lifting Bundle
Lattice Finger Strength Lifting Bundle




    Deadlifting weight is one of the easiest and safest ways of building finger strength over time. By being able to use weights instead of your body on a hangboard, you can ensure an appropriate level of progressive overload as you build crimp strength to crush your next project. This bundle will set you up with everything you need: The Lattice Mini Bar, a DMM Phantom Snapgate, and a Lattice Lifting Pin. This bundle will save you 10% over buying these products individually!

    The Lattice Mini Bar is a lightweight and portable hangboard that is perfect for lifting weight with, and is light enough to throw into your backpack to help you warm up at the crag without shredding your skin! This portable board features four edges: 20mm, 10mm, a jug and a skinny pinch. 

    The DMM Phantom Snapgate is a durable carabiner that will allow you to attach the mini-bar to the lifting pin. 

    The Lattice Lifting Pin is a premium pin that can carry more weight than you'll ever need! With a cork bottom, this lifting pin won't cause a racket as you crank out max hangs. This pin can also be used in combination with a harness for weighted pull ups, and a pulley for assisted hangs. 

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