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Lattice Micros

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The latest addition to the Lattice training arsenal, the Lattice Micros are the most versatile set of training edges on the market and are designed to progress your finger strength. Say goodbye to flapping around on sinkers, now come the days of feeling ultra-solid on holds you never before thought possible.
Available in a pack of 3 pairs of holds, all of which have two edge sizes, the Lattice Micros total a possible 6 variations of edge from 14mm all the way down the frightening 4mm.
Boasting a specially designed edge geometry that is kind to the skin, the Lattice Micros are the ticket to better and harder lines.


- Machined from our industry-standard tulipwood to exacting tolerances, each set is checked, paired and packed from our factory in the UK. We’ve come to realise that there are certain things that climbers need from their micros so we’ve addressed them all in one swoop because, at Lattice, we know that certain things matter!

- Exact size tolerance. You won’t open up a pack of 6mm crimps and find they’re actually 7 or 8mm. It’s a common problem out there!

- Best value for money. We’ve designed with multiple edge size progression so you can go all the way from 14mm to 4mm glory all in a single pack of Lattice Micros.

- Carefully designed edge geometry which is kind to skin and reduces skin splitters.

**Technical Specifications**

- Material: Tulipwood

- Weight: 250 g

- Contents: 2 x 8/14mm, 2 x 6/12mm, 2 x 4/10mm
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