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Climbing Technology Roll n Lock

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The Climbing Technology Roll n Lock is an innovative device that provides maximum versatility and convenience to climbers. Its new design and different colours of the side plates make it even more intuitive to use. With the ability to ascend the rope in ascender mode, the Roll n Lock is an indispensable tool for climbers who want to push themselves to new heights.

The Roll n Lock can be used as a simple pulley for lifting or transferring a load (in accordance with the EN 12278 standard) in pulley mode. It also allows direct lifting of a load, creation of hauling systems, and rescue or self-rescue of a person in progress-capture hauling pulley mode. When used in pulley mode, the rope is free to run in both directions, while in hauling-pulley mode, the rope can only run in one direction and is locked in the opposite one.

Switching from one mode to another is intuitive and can be done with gloves on or while operating in difficult conditions. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the Roll n Lock is an ideal companion to carry on your harness at all times, ensuring you are prepared for any eventuality.

This product is not a fall arrester and should not be used for self belaying whilst climbing

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