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Rare Breed Productions Make or Break: Don't Let Climbing Injuries Dictate Your Success by Dave Macleod

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Make or Break by Dave MacLeod is a book about climbing injuries. Ever complained of a sore finger, elbow or shoulder? Research suggests that nearly all climbers get injured at some point, and that injuries dictate how far you get in climbing. Dave Macleod is a world-class all-round climber and author, this, his second book on climbing training spells out in detail how to treat injuries once you have them, based on evidence from high-quality, cutting edge, peer-reviewed sports medicine and scientific research. More importantly, it discusses all the things we do in our climbing routine that cause our future injuries and prolong those we have already caused.

Let’s admit that what most of us know about climbing training is that if we keep showing up, pulling on small holds, pushing the limits of our motivation and learning from others we will eventually get stronger fingers and better at climbing... right? Spanning the fields of climbing coaching, physiotherapy, sports medicine and behavioural science, this book goes beyond the general advice on treating symptoms offered by sports medicine textbooks and into much more detail on technique and habits specific to climbing than the existing climbing literature base. Finally a handbook you can use to prevent, diagnose and successfully recovery from climbing related injuries.


- 226 pages, 29 illustrations, 68 photographs.

- Publisher: Rare Breed Productions

- Published: February 2015

- Edition: 1st edition, Feb 2015

- Paperback
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