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YY Vertical Verticalboard Evo

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The Y&Y Verticalboard Evo is here to dethrone all the other boards on the market. This hangboard has been designed to respect your fingers, shoulders and wallet! With 19 different holds, and an assymetric design that allows you to hang with a neutral shoulder width, this hangboard is perfect for beginners and pro's alike. The built in central handle is great for one armers, and for attaching pulley systems or resistance bands for adjusting the intensity of your workout.

19 Different Holds:
- Sockets : 18mm, 20mm, 25mm + 40mm (center)

- Sockets + wedges : 8mm, 10mm, 15mm + 20mm, 30mm (center)

- Inclined sockets : 30mm / 35°

- Bi-fingers : 20mm

- Bi-fingers inclined : 25mm / 30°

- Mono : 1 knuckle + 2 knuckles

- Flats : 43°, 38° + 30° (center)

- Dishes : Containers + central handle 

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