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Petzl Ange Finesse - Small and Large

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Petzl Ange carabiners have a gate composed of a single wire. This has many advantages over looped wire systems, not least in saving weight. As the name suggests, the Petzl Ange Finesse - Small & Large is a quick draw that makes use of the larger carabiners at the bottom and small biners at the top.
The Ange carabiners have been specially designed such that they have an indent where the extender rests. This ensures it stays where its supposed to - keeping everthing in good order.

*Other features worth mentioning are:*

- The surface of the carabiner that comes into contact with the rope has been widened to ensure the rope runs smoothly through. This reduces both rope and carabiner wear. Great for you ...not so good for the people trying to flog you the gear.

- The single wire system ensures that you cant get one carabiner caught through the wires of another.

- The nose of the carabiner has a hole which allows snow and dirt to be cleaned out with ease.

*And the vital statistics:*

- Ange Finesse Small & Large 17cm: 72g

- Extender strength: 22kN

**Technical Specifications**

*Ange L Carabiner Strength*

- Closed: 22kN

- Open: 10kN

- Cross-loaded: 7kN

*Ange S Carabiner Strength*

- Closed: 20 kN

- Open: 9kN

- Cross-loaded: 7kN
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