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Mapo Tapo The Climbing Travel Guide

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The Climbing Travel Guide is dedicated to shining a light on off-the-beaten-track climbing destinations and places to stay, with the aim of getting climbers away from the crowds and putting money in the pockets of the local community. Started as a crowdfunding campaign that reached its €10,000 funding goal in less than 24 hours, the Climbing Travel Guide contains over 1000 lesser-known tracks where the development of climbing will improve the lives of the local community.
From Mapo Tapo:
Climbing is getting more and more popular, and some “popular” areas already started to suffer from overcrowding. But there are thousands of areas equally beautiful that simply didn’t get the same visibility. And visiting such areas can really make a difference for the local communities. Once this pandemic will be over, let’s try this: we spread out, we explore, we discover, we meet up with the locals.
This book is the first step to make this new way of traveling a reality. As a united outdoor community, we can be pioneers of a new way of traveling: away from the crowds, immersed in nature, and practicing our favourite sport.
Mapo Tapo interviewed local, well-travelled climbers to give the best overview of the climbing spots, and the book's sleek design with hand-drawn, illustrated maps will be sure to whet your travel appetite.
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