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Lattice MXEdge + Tindeq Bundle

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Lattice MXEdge + Tindeq Bundle
Lattice MXEdge + Tindeq Bundle

Produkt jetzt verfügbar

223,80 €


    Track your finger strength gains and save an extra 10% when you buy the Lattice MXEdge and the Tindeq together in this bundle!

    The Lattice MXEdge is a revolutionary portable fingerboard that features a dynamic edge which lets you pull harder than ever before! With three edge sizes and a mono, this board is the only one you'll ever need. The MXEdge comes in two sizes, so whether you're starting your fingerstrength journey or you're maintaining your steel tendons, you can pick the edge sizes that are right for you. 

    The Tindeq is another futuristic piece of equipment, which allows you to know exactly how hard you're pulling. With everything from rate of force development, to maximum force, you can get deep into your data to help you get stronger fingers faster!

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