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DMM Halfnut Set - 1-11

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The DMM Halfnut Set is the full set of size 1-11 DMM halfnuts. The halfnut is a single wire lightweight nut that increase your options, especially when no other pro will fit. Halfnuts excel in shallow placements, pin scars and allow you to double up on sizes but with half the weight when every gram counts.

- Shape provides additional protection options and the reduced width aids stability in shallow placements.

- Similarly, to the Wallnuts, sizes 1–4 are made of a harder alloy to prevent shearing and size 5–7 are made of a softer alloy to improve bite.

- Sizes 1–2 are rated at 4kN and 3–7 are rated to 6kN.

- The size 7 features scooped faces to save weight.

- The single cable reduces weight.

- They have the same taper angles and side profile as DMM’s tried and tested Wallnuts.

- Colour matched shrink tube for easy identification.

Walnut Size Colour Strength Weight Range
1 Purple 4kN 10g 6.7/ 7.2mm
2 Green 4kN 10g 8.2/ 7.9mm
3 Silver 6kN 18 9.4/ 8.9mm
4 Gold 6kN 19g 11.0/ 9.9mm
5 Blue 6kN 21g 13.2/ 11.3mm
6 Red 6kN 24g 15.6/ 12.8mm
7 Grey 6kN 25g 18.9/14.3mm
8 Turquoise 7kN 25g 22.3 x 16.6mm
9 Gold 7kN 28g 25.2 x 18.7mm
10 Silver 9kN 39g 28.8 x 22.0mm
11 Green 9kN 46g 33.0 x 24.5mm
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