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C.A.M.P Photo Lock - 3 Pack

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The C.A.M.P Photon Lock is the go-to choice for alpinists and multi-pitch climbers looking for reliable anchor carabiners. Its full-size design ensures versatility across various climbing situations, while the I-Beam construction offers exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. With its SphereLock nose, clipping ropes, webbing, chains, and pro becomes effortless, making it an essential tool for climbers of all levels.

- Camp's lightest locking carabiner
- New screw gate is lightweight and easy to handle
- Slim nose profile features our SphereLock closure
- Laser etched marking to indicate if the lock is open or closed

Technical Specifications:
- Material: Alloy
- Weight: 43 g
- Length: 102 mm
- Carabiner Gate: Screwgate
- Carabiner/Qlink Shape: D
- Major Axis Resistance (kN): 23
- Minor Axis Resistance (kN): 8
- Open Gate Resistance (kN): 9
- Maximum opening: 17 mm
- Certification: CE EN 12275

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