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Beal Pulp Quickdraw Set x5

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This is a 5 pack of the Beal Pulp Quickdraw, a lightweight quickdraw perfect for long sport climbs. The Pulp Quickdraw uses two separate Beal ‘biners: the Space Wire on the bolt-end is in the classic D-shape for strength, while the Cosmo Wire on the bottom has an ergonomic shape to make clipping the rope easier. The sling also features a “Rubbiner” retainer system helps stop the rope caribener rotating make the clipping the rope easier and faster and hold the rope in the righth axis. 16 mm tubular sling for easier handling.


- Weight - 90 g (each)

- Gate opening [Space Wire] 26 mm, [Cosmo Wire] 26 mm

- Major axis strength [Space Wire] 24 kN; [Cosmo Wire] 25 kN

- Minor axis strength [Space Wire] 7 kN; [Cosmo Wire] 8 kN

- Open gate stregth [Space Wire] 8 kN; [Cosmo Wire] 7 kN

- Quickdraw strength 22 kN
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