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8BPlus 65g Chalk Bomb

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A high purity Magnesium-carbonate without any fillers or drying agents, the 8B Plus 65g Chalk Bomb allows chalk to come through in perfect amounts, avoiding chalk spills and too much chalk use.
A cleaner chalk that is better for your hands and the rock, the 65g Chalk Bomb is developed to deliver on your toughest requirements on chalk: Top Friction, long-lasting and effortless chalking up.

**Technical Specifications**

- 100% pure MgCo3 with great hand feel and drying characteristic

- No added fillers or drying agents

- No heavy metals - cleaner is better

- Refillable and reusable


- No fillers or drying agents, Pure MgCO3


- 65 gram (~2.3 oz)
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