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GripMonkeys GripMonkeys Fingerboard

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The GripMonkeys Fingerboard is a one of a kind. It is made from 7 different segments which you can arrange in any order you want to suit your training. It can be fixed to the wall or the segments can be separated and used as a portable training device, so whether you're at home or away you can still train. There are three different types of segments with 11 different types of grip types - Jug segment, sloper 30° and sloper 20° making the GripMonkeys Fingerboard possibly the most versatile fingerboard ever made.


- BOARD WIDTH - 630mm

- BOARD HEIGHT - 150mm

- SEG. HEIGHT - 150mm

- BOARD DEPTH - 60mm

- SEG. DEPTH - 60mm


- SEG. WEIGHT - 400g

You can find the comprehensive list of mounting hardware and an explanation for mounting here:
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