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Scarpa Veloce Women's Climbing Shoe

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The is a beginner shoe with a difference, instead of being flat and stiff it is slightly downturned and soft! Now, this would seem to go against all that most people are told about beginner climbing shoes, "they should be flat and stiff to support your feet". Well, Scarpa has had another idea, seeing as most beginner climbers now start climbing inside on steeper overhanging walls with big slippery footholds it doesn't make sense to have flat stiff shoes anymore, the softer slightly downturned shoes are more comfortable and perform better at this type of climbing... Enter the Veloce. The Veloce is a slightly downturned soft beginner climbing shoe that is best suited to climbing indoors on plastic (not to say you can't use it outside but it will perform better climbing inside).

Ok now for the important technical bits, the Veloce has a new FKJ last which sits your heel at the back of the shoe but keeps your toes at the tip of the shoe, this takes some of the pressure of your toes especially the knuckles making them more comfortable. Another thing that Scarpa has done to make it more comfortable for your toe knuckles is they put M50 rubber on the toe area which is very soft not putting unnecessary pressure on your toes. The feature that makes the Veloce softer than other beginner shoes is the minimal midsole, this along with the DTS tension system which gives the shoe flexible support makes them great at smearing, edging and climbing on steep ground.

The Upper of the Veloce is fully synthetic which gives the shoe added comfort but also minimize's stretch. The Veloce is seamless at the toes and is one of the only beginner shoes to have this design, this provides a more comfortable and better fitting shoe.

The sole is made from S72 rubber which is the softest rubber that Scarpa use, this certainly gives it the edge when it comes to smearing, edging and standing on slippery footholds. Even though the rubber is much softer than other beginner climbing shoes Scarpa has added more rubber, it has 4mm of S72 rubber which gives the Veloce a good level of durability.
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