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Friction Labs Chalk

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Friction Labs Chalk is a company which takes friction seriously. They have developed a blend of chalk which has a higher proportion of Magnesium Carbonate and lower levels of Calcium Carbonate. This means that your hands feel drier and have more grip for longer periods of time and have less of the slimy feeling which can occur where Calcium Carbonate more present. This also means you wont have to dip into your chalk bag so frequently, making up for the premium price tag of the product.

Friction Labs Chalk is available in 3 different textures, Bam Bam which is super chunky, Gorilla Grip which is a bit chunky and Unicorn Dust which is the finest. It also comes in 5 different bag sizes.

This chalk is getting quite a reputation already and many are claiming quite a marked improvement on their current chalk provider. We have even heard rumors of people now using 2 chalk bags, one used for training/working routes with standard chalk in it and one for send attempts containing Friction Labs.
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