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Wild Country Rock Set 1-5

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The Wild Country Rock Set 1-5 includes anodised rocks in sizes 1 thorugh to 5.
Wild Country Rocks feature a neat five degree side cut which gives new and more solid ‘end-on’ placement possibilities. This extends the range of placements and therefore the versatility of every nut.
As usual with Wild Country protection these rocks have anodised colour coding. This makes the rocks easy to distinguish and faster to select.

**Rock 1:**

- Dimensions: Long edge 13mm, depth 7mm

- Weight: 16g

- Strength: 7kN

**Rock 2:**

- Dimensions: Long edge 13.8mm, depth 8.2mm

- Weight: 25g

- Strength: 12kN

**Rock 3:**

- Dimensions: Long edge 14.5mm, depth 9.6mm

- Weight: 28g

- Strength: 12kN

**Rock 4:**

- Dimensions: Long edge 15.3mm, depth 11.3mm

- Weight: 30g

- Strength: 12kN

**Rock 5:**

- Dimensions: Long edge 16.8mm, depth 13.3mm

- Weight: 32g

- Strength: 12kN
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