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Vertebrate Publishing The Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises

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The name says it all, The Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises is a collection of exercises that have been collated to help you develop your climbing technique and strength.
Featuring over 200 photos, the Climbing Bible boasts insights from the authors' Martin Mobråten Stian and Christophersen Bjørn Sætnan and other top-flight climbers, alongside a section for children and young crushers.
The authors, as well as being strong climbers themselves, are both coaches at an international level, with a deep and long-gathered knowledge of the best training methods. Due to their 20 years of experience and research, the Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises is an extensive exercise library, and now it's all available to you.
With its first section that focuses on technique grip positions, balance, direction of force, and dynamics, the Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises starts with the foundations and basics and lends a hand through your climbing development with exercises to help you train strength and power, with wall exercises, finger strength exercises and beam exercises, arm exercises and more.
If you are just a climber wanting to perfect your game, or a parent or coach who wants a trusted text to refer to in your child or students learning, Vertebrate publishing's The Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises is a book to live and climb by.


- Brand - Vertebrate Publishing

- Book Genre - Training Guide

- Book Language - English

- Number of pages - 176

- Year of Publication - 2021
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