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Pin Go! Clipstick

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With a weight of 230g and an adjustable length from 52cm to 235cm, the Pin Go! Clipstick is a multi-functional, 3 in 1 Clipstick that is a must for any sport climbers gear set-up.
Constructed of a flexible fiber-glass, the Pin Go! Clipstick is durable and resistant to persistent use, whilst also being so light you won't notice it in your pack. Alongside this, the Pin Go! boasts a much easier clip-angle (from the ground), than other clipsticks on the market, whilst other functions include being able to clip just the rope into pre-placed quickdraws, or grabbing a rope that is out of reach.
Pin Go! keeps the environment in mind, making their Clipstick's compatible with a replacement elastic band, in case of an accidental tear or being damaged after long-term use. This will defeat the need for a new Clipstick, making it better for the planet and your wallet.


- Ultra Light- 230gr (0,50 lb)

- Compact - 52cm-235cm (1,7-7,70 ft)

- Multi Functional - 3 in 1

- Replaceable Elastic Band
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