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Monkey Hands Liquid Chalk 100 ml

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Monkey Hands Liquid Chalk 100 ml is designed to be one of, if not the, highest quality liquid chalks around. Made with a focus on quality over competitive pricing, Monkey Hands Liquid Chalk 100 ml is made in their own factory whereas, to quote them directly, 'almost all the production of chalk in the market is outsourced in other factories'.
Because it's made in their in-house lab, Monkey Hands ensure that:
• all the raw materials are sourced correctly to ensure nothing harmful or dangerous is included in the final product
• the production process is correctly applied every time, resulting in high quality chalk every time
• all safety measures regarding the employees are followed to prevent them breathing in harmful dust.
A company which takes a risk by foregoing low quality for the cheapest price, Monkey Hands is a company that cares about you and its products and, most importantly, when they say it's 'pure', they really mean it.
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