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Lattice MXEdge Twin Bundle

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Lattice MXEdge Lift (Small)   + 54,23 €
Lattice MXEdge Lift (Large)   + 54,23 €

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Lattice MXEdge Twin Bundle
Lattice MXEdge Twin Bundle

Produkt jetzt verfügbar

108,46 €


    Can't decide on which of the Lattice MXEdge sizes you should pick up? This bundle gets you both of them at an additional 10% off of our usual sales price!

    The Lattice MXEdge is the perfect tool for warming up at the crag, doing isolated lifts and building finger strength. With edges built to be comfortable, you'll be able to pick up more than ever before!

    Pair it with a Tindeq and you'll be able to track your gains like never before!

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