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Lattice Flex Block

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The Flex Block is Sold Individually

The Lattice Flex Block is a must-have for any climber looking to improve their flexibility and performance. Made from organic materials, these cork yoga blocks are more eco-friendly than traditional plastic options. The soft cork is gentle on your skin while providing a secure grip, even with sweaty palms. These blocks are versatile and can be used for all the things a traditional yoga block can be used for: lifting, grounding and balancing. They help to extend reach, reduce or increase intensity, and build confidence in new climbing stretches. Firm even after heavy use, these blocks provide a stable base for all your stretching needs.

Rounded edges allow for comfortable full-weight support, and the natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties of cork ensure your block will last a lifetime. Upgrade your stretching routine with the Lattice Flex Block, best combined with the Lattice Flex Mat.


Tech Specs: 

- Weight: 0.75kg

 - 23 × 15 × 8 cm

 - 100% Cork


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