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Grivel Master Pro

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The Grivel Master Pro is a lightweight auto-blocking belay device with a unique T-arm that allows for ultimate control of the rope.

The Grivel Master Pro can be used for abseiling, belaying, ascending and in guide mode, but it is its T-arm that sets it apart. In any mode, wrap the rope around the T-arm to achieve greater friction and a more confident and safe belay when you need it. In guide mode, the T-arm also allows for effortless giving of the rope: simply pull on the arm, or even attach a carabiner or leash to it to easily pivot the device. Cooling holes also reduce weight and help to remove snow/ice or mud.

The Grivel Master Pro has all the features of a carefully constructed carabiner, with the added security of a T-arm for situations where you need careful and precise management of the rope.
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