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Grivel Candela

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The Candela is a lightweight multi-tool for putting in and threading a V-thread or Abalakov ice anchor. Once the hole is created for the anchor it can be used for clearing the core of ice out of the screw and cleaning slush out of holes drilled into wet ice. The bright-yellow colour serves as an effective alignment indicator when you slot it into the first screw hole while you're trying to line up the second. The hook design folds to store within the body of the tool so your butt is not in danger of spontaneous V-threading attempts, and rotates out to push and pull the cord or tape through the Abalakov anchor. One final feature is a short serrated blade nestled in the tool to cut excess tat.

The Candela slots neatly away, and is secured inside, a 22 cm screw for carrying, but also has a molded plastic clip at the head for attaching it to your harness, in the event you don't carry a long screw. 100% improvement on a metal coat hanger.

Weight: 27g
14mm diameter
Materials: light plastic, won't damage the inside of ice screws
steel hook and blade
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