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FIXE Climbing Manso Adjustable Lanyard

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Simple yet effective, the Fixe Manso Adjustable Lanyard is designed for climbing and mountaineering and allows you to lock and unlock your position on your sling with minimal effort and maximum precision with one hand.


- Simple adjustable anchor rope.

- The Manso device allows you to lock and unlock the rope with minimal effort and maximum precision with one hand.

- Adjustable cord from 10 to 90 cm.

- Dynamic rope with Endurance braiding, with a diameter of 9.0 mm and Full Dry treatment.

- Seam finishes and adhesive shrink sleeves protect the core of the rope.

- Its dynamic rope guarantees dynamic shock absorption, even in falls of up to factor 2.

- Attachment of the rope to the harness by means of a lark's knot

- It avoids the load on the minor axis of the carabiner thanks to the rubber ring (element included in the device). It is recommended to use with a safety HMS carabiner.

- Total weight: 133 gr

- Certificates: CE and EN17520.

- Materials: Aluminum and PA.

- Manufactured entirely in Barcelona-Pyrenees.

- The packaging is made entirely of biodegradable materials.

- Materials: Kraft paper and cardboard.

- The base of the applied dyes is of vegetable origin.

- All of its packaging must be recycled as paper.
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