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Exped FlexMat Plus

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The thickest, most comfortable closed cell mat available, the Exped FlexMat Plus LW is a highly versatile mat for both stand-alone uses or as an extra layer of protection/insulation for your air mattress.
Easily deployed and intelligently designed with its folding form, the Exped FlexMat Plus LW is the perfect piece of kit to improve your camping sleeping set-up.


*Long Wide*

- Dimensions: 197 x 65 x 3.8cm

- Weight: 645g

- Packed: 16x65x18cm

- R-Value: 2.2

- Temperature: +0°C


- Dimensions: 183 x 52 x 3.8cm

- Weight: 480g

- Packed: 52 x 18cm

- R-Value: 2.2

- Temperature: +2°C
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