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Boot Bananas Boot Bananas

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Boot Bananas is a shoe absorbing and deodorizer made out of natural ingredients. It keeps the footwear fresh and dry thanks to it's absorbent minerals and fragant essential oils with anti-bacterial properties. The "banana skin" is made out of cotton allowing the minerals to absorb the moisture while making it inhospitable for bacteria and odours. Boot bananas are made from natural absorbent bamboo charcoal, sodium bicarbonate, zeolite and natural fragances (lavender, lemon, patchouli and tea-tree oil) all wrapped in a 100% cotton banana skin.
As your Boot Bananas will soak up moisture they will slowly turn brown. Just like a "ripen" banana. When they have turned fully brown is the indicator that they are fully saturated and it's time to change them. Normally it takes aproximately 6 months.
Best use for climbing shoes, running shoes, mountaineering boots, skiing and snowboard boots; or any other "fruity" footwear.
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